We make the World’s most Advanced Nanocoatings.


EnvAerospace™ is an aerospace technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets Advanced PVD Technology Systems and Nanocoating Solutions for use in aero and aeroderivative gas turbine engines.

EnvAerospace™ produces Erosion, Material Wear and High Temperature Resistant Coatings for various types of turbine engines including turboprop and turbofan aero engines for aircraft and turboshaft engines for helicopters which are transferable to non-aeronautical (industrial & land-based aeroerivative) turbine engines.

EnvAerospace’s™ Implanted Metallic Oxide (IMeO) coating technology is the first step in significant augmentation of material wear and anti-fouling properties both for older, new and next generation turbomachinery.

The Corporation is also actively exploring opportunities to develop surface engineering products to gain significant fuel savings over life cycles of jet engines through longer life retention of aerodynamic properties of turbo components.