Improve your environmental and operating performance, affordably.

Never in history has the need been so great for airlines to reduce fuel consumption. Commercial air carriers require solutions that will protect their assets, control costs while improving environmental compliance to provide a positive return on investment. EnvAerospace™ can help.

As commercial air carriers become even more committed to reducing their carbon footprint, our technology will help to optimize engine performance by improving aerodynamic blade efficiency lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

As well, CIMO protects your assets by dramatically reducing erosion and corrosion resulting from sand, dust and sea salt ingestion. Our technology extends the service life of engine components and dramatically reduces the need for part replacement during maintenance overhauls.

EnvAerospace’s™ Carbon Implanted Metal Oxide (CIMO) 2400 series coatings are an affordable solution for achieving significant gains in all of these areas and providing quick payback.

Realize a new level of operational efficiency today.

Civil Aerospace Coatings Datasheet
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